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A new concept in family legacy.

Welcome to an extraordinary paradigm shift in memorialization—the evolution of a burial experience beyond the conventional. While revolutionizing the fine art world by transforming tattoos into a currency of artistic legacy is monumental, envisioning a service that allows individuals to preserve and showcase the artistry of their loved ones posthumously is nothing short of revolutionary.

The Beyond The Flesh Museum extends its transformative vision to the very fabric of funeral arrangements. In a departure from traditional urns and family mementos, we offer a profound and deeply personal alternative. Imagine not just having a memorial object, but preserving the actual skin adorned with the tattoo art of your grandfather—a tangible connection that transcends life itself.

Our vision goes beyond the confines of a museum; it encompasses a groundbreaking cemetery experience. Within the walls of The Beyond The Flesh Mausoleum, we immortalize not only the individuals resting in eternal repose but also the art that has woven its narrative into the tapestry of their lives. Here, the concept of burial transcends the ordinary, becoming a celebration of the artistry that defined an individual's essence. The Beyond The Flesh Mausoleum is a sanctuary where the legacy of the departed is enshrined through the very medium that once adorned their living canvas.

Join us in redefining the commemoration of life—an immersive journey where The Beyond The Flesh Mausoleum becomes a living testament to the enduring connection between art, life, and remembrance. Experience a burial option that transcends tradition, inviting you to explore the profound depths of memorialization that reach beyond the boundaries of conventional cemeteries.


The Beyond The Flesh Mausoleum: Where artistry lives on, and memories are etched into the very fabric of existence. Everyone with a tattoo is invited to take its place inside our halls. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the museum open to the public?

Third Quarter 2025

Can any tattoo artists get involved?

Yes, our tattoo preservation services are available to most qualified tattooists.

Can anyone have their tattoos preserved?

Most tattoos done professionally can be preserved and yes, you can have your tattoos preserved.

How do I become a Pro Team Artist?

If you can present a highly advanced portfolio you can apply online here

Can I become a partner or vendor?

We are seeking qualified business partners and vendors for a variety of positions.

When will the DocuSeries or Movie be coming out and where can I watch?

Our video projects will be available in 2024 and 2025 and our streaming partners will be announced well in advance.

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