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Legacy Services

Historical Tattoo Preservation

Welcome to Our Legacy Services, where we offer a unique and personalized approach to preserving the artistry of tattoos as fine art beyond life. Our preservation service allows individuals to secure their legacy by pre-purchasing arrangements for the extraction and archival preservation of their tattoos upon passing. This exclusive service is available through a membership model, enabling clients to ensure the safekeeping of their historical tattoo pieces and designate beneficiaries for these cherished archival artworks.

Our Legacy Services extend beyond the conventional, catering to the general public and visionary tattoo artists alike. Whether you're an individual seeking a personal connection to your past or a tattoo artist aiming to immortalize your creative endeavors, our services are designed to facilitate meaningful collaboration.

Our museum gallery is highly curated; however, our legacy preservation services are open to all individuals and families who wish to participate in this transformative revolution. Members not only gain the opportunity for inclusion in the museum but also have the flexibility to choose from various options, such as placement within our mausoleum or possession of the preserved artwork as a cherished family asset.

Join us in shaping the future of remembrance, where tattoos become timeless pieces of art, and legacies are preserved in a way that transcends traditional boundaries. Our Legacy Services: A pathway to eternalizing your unique story through the art that has defined your journey.

Beyond - Legacy Services

Family Memorial

The Family Memorial option allows the tattoo collector to preserve their tattoos and name the beneficiary of their choice. 


The beneficiary will have the option to show the artwork in the mausoleum collection or house it in their private collection. 

Joint Custody

Our third  option is to purchase the preservation of your tattoo in conjunction with Beyond The Flesh Museum in a shared cost model. Customers must qualify for this option.


The tattoo will go into a shared arrangement upon preservation and the beneficiary will be named by the client in joint custodianship with the museum. 

Skin In The Game

Clients wishing to participate in the Bogdanov Archive or our Historic Museum Archives as members, investors and participants in this epic historical achievement are known as those with Skin In The Game.


Have your tattoos become part of human history and be immortalized for generations to come. 

Historical Tattoo Preservation

Beyond - Legacy Services  works in partnership with mortuary professionals with a proprietary process for preserving tattoos upon the death of their collector. The mission is to help carry these fine art masterpieces “beyond” the life of the art collector. We create more than just a picture. The actual tattoos are preserved in museum quality archival frames and are presented as fine art. This is the art of tattooing immortalized. Art telling history one tattoo at a time. Mortuary services and the fine arts collide in epic style. This is the fine art and funeral worlds changed forever. 

We currently offer three tattoo financial preservation options.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the museum open to the public?

Third Quarter 2025

Can any tattoo artists get involved?

Yes, our tattoo preservation services are available to most qualified tattooists.

Can anyone have their tattoos preserved?

Most tattoos done professionally can be preserved and yes, you can have your tattoos preserved.

How do I become a Pro Team Artist?

If you can present a highly advanced portfolio you can apply online here

Can I become a partner or vendor?

We are seeking qualified business partners and vendors for a variety of positions.

When will the DocuSeries or Movie be coming out and where can I watch?

Our video projects will be available in 2024 and 2025 and our streaming partners will be announced well in advance.

Our Plans

We provide both one time up front pricing options as well as monthly membership plans for all of our tattoo preservation options. The following prices are a guide. Our application will further help you to budget multiple tattoo  preservation projects.

Small Tattoos:  $2,599.00
Medium Tattoos: $3,000-$7,000
Arm Sleeves: $12,000-$19,000
Leg Sleeves: $15,000-$28,000
Full Body Suit: $90,000-$120,000


We provide monthly payment options between one and six year periods of time allowing you to purchase your archival tattoo art work in as little as $60 per month. A one time $800 application fee applies on all financing options.

Saving Your Tattoos

We utilize a unique proprietary process for preserving tattoos.  The mission is to help carry on your story. We ensure that the spirit and legacy of your artwork or that of your loved  ones can live on for generations to come.

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