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Embark on a journey with the Bogdanov family as we redefine art history in the 21st century. In a monumental shift, tattoo artistry has transformed, reaching a level of precision that rivals the master painters of bygone eras. The evolution of tattooing has given rise to an art collection surpassing even the grandeur of the most celebrated paintings in history. Our aspiration with the Bogdanov Collection is nothing short of setting a new standard—a standard that etches the Bogdanov name into the annals of human history.

Join us, the dynamic father-son duo of the Bogdanov's, led by the vision of Peter Bogdanov, as we embark on a mission to curate the largest artist archive of fine art masterpieces on actual human flesh. It's not just about tattoos; it's about transcending the boundaries of conventional art and establishing a legacy that will echo through the ages.

Picture this: a museum housing the immortalized skin canvases of individuals who have willingly donated their bodies to become living masterpieces. This is the Bogdanov vision, where art immortality takes on a whole new meaning. These are not merely the tattoos we've created; these are the individuals who have become integral to our quest for artistic distinction. They are the pioneers, the collectors, the trailblazers who will join the Bogdanov family in our pursuit of greatness.

As we unveil the Beyond The Flesh Museum, these visionary individuals will be the first humans showcased—an elite group whose contribution to the art world extends beyond their lifetime. The Bogdanovs invite you to be part of this historic journey, to become a collector of living art, and to leave an indelible mark on the canvas of human history. This is not just about tattoos; this is about joining a legacy, becoming a part of the Bogdanov family, and achieving a level of artistic infamy that transcends generations. Welcome to a new era in art history—welcome to the Bogdanov revolution.

Below is our currently signed members who have donated their body of work to the museum upon their passing. If you have work by either Peter or Isaiah Bogdanov, please join us in our historical quest. 

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The Bogdanov Collectors

Scott Keathley

Sleeve Tattoo (Cover Up Project)
- Tattoo Preserved 2023

Jenny Zarate

Body Suit

Carmelinda Mann

Body Suit

Michael Weaver

Back Piece and Arm Sleeve

Isaiah Bogdanov

Two Arm Sleeves

Luke Greenman

Body Suit

Daune Turner

Body Suit

Teresa Ditto

Multiple Tattoos

Katie Murray

Leg Tattoo

Scott Keathley 

Leg Tattoo

- Tattoo Preserved 2023

- World Record Freshest Tattoo Preserved In All Of Human History

Donna Adelita

Leg Sleeve

Tucker Kemp

Leg Tattoo

Scott Keathley

Arm Tattoo

- Tattoo Preserved 2023
- One of only Two tattoos in human history preserved in 3D form.

Daniel Cohen

Multiple Tattoos

Zack Forbes

Arm Sleeve

Isaiah Bogdanov

Shoulder Tattoo

Michael Weaver

Back Tattoo (Rework Project)

Brian Crawley

Arm Sleeve

Father & Son

Peter and Isaiah Bogdanov are in the process of adding all of our current collectors involved in the museum to the above Bogdanov Archive. However, if you are our client and you have not signed up to be included, please reach out today.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the museum open to the public?

Third Quarter 2025

Can any tattoo artists get involved?

Yes, our tattoo preservation services are available to most qualified tattooists.

Can anyone have their tattoos preserved?

Most tattoos done professionally can be preserved and yes, you can have your tattoos preserved.

How do I become a Pro Team Artist?

If you can present a highly advanced portfolio you can apply online here

Can I become a partner or vendor?

We are seeking qualified business partners and vendors for a variety of positions.

When will the DocuSeries or Movie be coming out and where can I watch?

Our video projects will be available in 2024 and 2025 and our streaming partners will be announced well in advance.

Do Pro Team Artists make money with the museum?

Yes, our artists receive both profit sharing benefits as well as sales commission's on clients who sign up for preservations.

Do Skin In The Game donors receive benefits?

Yes, and tattoo client that enters a tattoo donation into the museum is qualified for profit sharing. This is an investment as well as a place in history.

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