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Artun Construction

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Artun Construction specializes in forward thinking, modern and effective construction techniques. Business was growing and it was time to establish a company brand and online presence that accurately represents the future of Artun Construction. We started with creating a logo and tagline that symbolizes the passion Artun Construction has for their projects, putting heart and soul into all they create.

Designing a Brand

Once the logo and tagline were created we applied them to the branding mediums for Artun Construction. is a brochure website that showcases the high quality detail of work potential clients may expect when working with Artun Construction. Next came designing management and staff clothing, business cards, phone cases and vehicle graphics to give Artun Construction an all around professional representation.

Artun Trading

After all was said and done Artun Construction has been running so well that Artun is now expanding into new business ventures. In the planning stages we were involved in designing the new logo and website. Branding strategies come next in the launching of this next adventure.

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