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Investing In Our Future

The Beyond The Flesh Museum Exhibit will be scheduling the deployment of our various business models over a 3 year period. We plan our grand opening to the public in the second half of 2026. We are currently signing Pro Team Artists and providing preservation services to tattoo collectors.  We are also seeking investors, donations and well aligned vendor participants in our mission.

Tattoo Art Becomes
An Immortal Legacy

Welcome to Beyond The Flesh Museum Exhibit, where art transcends the boundaries of mortality. Step into a realm where tattoo artistry becomes an immortal legacy. Our quest is to showcase the most extensive and unparalleled collection of tattooed human artifacts ever assembled, showcasing the diverse and mesmerizing narratives etched into each canvas.


These master works, carefully preserved and curated, become portals to the souls who once wore them, telling tales of passion, identity, and the vibrant hues of the human experience.

It is our mission to build, maintain and be at the forefront of fine art masters learning to collect, archive and curate these tattooed artifacts. The Beyond The Flesh Museum Exhibit will change our time in human history as these human artifacts become the ultra currency of the fine art world. 

An art exhibit unlike any, anywhere, and at any time in all of human history.

Our Purpose

Beyond The Flesh

The Exhibit

Beyond The Art

Our Collections

Beyond Mortality

Preservation Services


The Bogdanov


The largest collection of tattoo preservations by a single artist.

We are establishing the largest artist archive of fine art masterpieces on actual human flesh that the world has ever seen all by one family name - The Bogdanov's.


Art immortality redefined. We are the Bogdanov's and these are the people who have collected our artistic tattoos. These are the collectors that will be joining the Bogdanov family in our quest. These are not just the tattoos we have done but rather people who have donated their skin to the museum upon their death. These are or will be the first humans to be showcased in the Beyond The Flesh Exhibit.

My name is Peter Bogdanov, and this is
The Bogdanov Archive Inside
The Beyond The Flesh Exhibit

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